Tuesday, September 23, 2008

her dream

if there was such a guy in this world...

i dream of him to tell me that i'm pretty, when i'm with no make-ups and in my PJs.
a guy that would put his jacket on me, eventhough when i'm not cold.
a guy that would wipe away my tears, and tell me it's gonna be okay.

he that will accept me just the way i am, flaws and all.
he who would make me feel comfortable around him, so i won't be able to go away.
he who would smile when he hears my name,
or when he thinks of me.

a guy that would never miss saying good night,
and looking forward to morning so he could say good morning to me then.
a guy that never forgets my birthday,
knows well i want nothing else but just a wish from him,
yet he still gives me more.

he that would skate with me, although he hates skating.
he who would yell at me, and says sorry a minute afterwards.
he who would remember to bring roses because he knows i love them.
he who would eat sushi, mint choc ice cream, and drink apple juices with me.

a guy that would cry for me,
yet never cries in front of me because he's scared that i'll be scared.
a guy that remembers me, and texts me to say that he misses me,
and secretly wishing that i'll reply 'i miss you too'.
a guy that's full of surprises, although he doesn't intend to surprise me.
a guy that makes me laugh all the time, even when he's not trying to be funny.
a guy that would appreciate me for being who i am, and nothing more.

he who's not afraid to show his weaknesses.
he who's not trying to impress me but still impresses me.
he who would pinch my cheeks so that i'll pinch his.
he who would not just hear, but listen to me.
he who would dance in the rain with me.

a guy that says i'm being ridiculous, and loves me for it.
a guy that would make me feel secure and protects me.
a guy that hurts me so bad he feels like a jerk himself.
a guy that never breathes a word of my secret,
yet tells the world what are my favourites.

a guy that would love me unconditionally,
even when i'm sick,
even when i'm being a psycho freak,
even when i'm crying,
even when i'm unbearable,
even when i'm in a mess,
even when i'm not around,
and especially because he knows he needs me.

dipetik daripada blog cik izzie
waaah, aku nk try la jd mcm 'dat guy' inside this speech gak la.. x)